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New Posh WUiITE performance in the works


Immigration tactics post-Brexit


Previous music videos

I have been relying on the kindness of strangers to help with these videos. They do all the work for free and they are so open to changes and new ideas. I’ve not always shown my gratitude enough to these talented individuals so I hope this credit list will go a small way towards showing my appreciation.

Catherine Geaney – Concept development

Erin Frazier – Camera

Jackie Enzmann – Camera / Producer

Andria Lorentzen – Camera

Brittany Fitzpatrick – Actor

Aleck Skeie – Actor

Amanda Smith – Dancer

Peter Bell – Actor

Yi-Wen Yeh – Camera

Lorena Capella – Sound

Colleen Michel – Actor

Roger Holland – Actor

Theo Cascades – Music Producer

Dimitri Vranken – Camera

Yoko Ishikawa – Voice over actor

Dominic Varney – Actor

Vicky Huang – Actor

Ziwei Lu – camera

Yijia Wu – sound recording

Ashley Anderson – Concept development


Living in Hiroshima in 2011, after being encouraged by watching a terrible live music performance in the city, I decided to make my own rap music. However whenever I recorded my voice, I sounded awfully ‘posh’ and ‘white’. I embraced my obvious lack of music skill and created POSH WUiITE who was always an immigrant and had trouble reading social cues. I wrote songs and made music videos with my friends in Japan, Scotland, and London. Currently I’ve branched out to live performances.


email to reserve a painting: avagrauls@gmail.com

Lots 1 to 12 of the Territory Formerly Known as ‘the Great Britain’
12 of 45cm x 45cm framed paintings in oil and watercolour on canvas. 2023

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